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Dangerous Goods

SFS certified professionals offer its customers a complete integrated solution for all types of dangerous and hazardous cargo right from packaging, labeling, documentation, transportation, custom clearance up to final delivery to consignee’s door.With over 10 years of combined experience in handling dangerous goods, SFS is able to guarantee each and every DG shipment handled by SFS is properly packed consigned and documented in accordance with all applicable transport regulations.

Our Staff have undergone an intensive pre-qualification and testing process that has certified them as experts in this field. Each member offers extensive experience and knowledge of the paperwork, regulations and restrictions applicable at origin and destination. Manufacturers or Shippers looking for DG handling packing, labeling, transportation and custom clearance may not be fully aware of the procedures, IATA regulations, restrictions and potential penalties involved in transportation of these commodities.Our experts will ensure that cargo is safely handled and protected from fire, heat,  equipment damage, personnel injury / illnesses, damages to property, hazardous material spillage / leakage and damages to the environment.

SFS offers its customers the below specialized DG services
  • Clearing & Forwarding of DG Cargo.
  • DG Consolidation.
  • Project DG cargo movement.
  • DG transportation Sea, Air & Road.
  • Dangerous goods packing & handling.
  • Supplier of UN specification packaging.

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